February 01, 2012

Show at Walter Keller Gallery extended

My Solo Show Previously on … at the Walter Keller Gallery in Zurich has been extended until the end of february. Walter Keller and Barbara Egli are looking forward to your visit. The images on display are from the workgroups Previously on … and Still Untitled.

Finissage: Saturday, March 3, 2012, 2pm to 5pm

I follow a baroque still life tradition to evoke meaning by showing and choosing certain objects. My images are very much about the transitoriness of being and the constant human involvement in it - and its resulting changes of fates.
The study of the gaze, the interplay between absence and presence in a photographic image, and the fact that the reading of a photograph is most often triggered by a collective memory are other main issues in my work. The gaze in my photographs is an important tool to create a narrative and question the viewer’s notion of looking and watching. The lighting in all the photographs is natural light.

All analog prints have been made by the Tricolor-Team in Zurich.
The works will be on display until february 25, 2012.
Opening hours:
Thursday 12am to 6pm
Friday 12am to 6pm
Saturday 12 am to 5pm

Galerie Walter Keller
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CH-8001 Zurich

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