August 20, 2010

SOLO SHOW: Gelenkte Blicke

Gelenkte Blicke

Brigitte Lustenberger's images seduce the spectator's gaze into a wonderful universe. Her visual language is closely related to art history. Images of alleged scenes of crime confuse us as they look so familiar to us. Our own stories and our own history mingle with these images as we are left in the dark if we have or have not seen these scenes before. The photographs are like frozen reflections on the lapse of time.

The interaction between Lustenberger's single images is intriguing as there are so many coincidental plots to follow. Their beginnings are as undeterminded as their outcomes. The spectator's gaze meets the gazes of the photographed people, their gazes are caught by the photographer's gaze. The stark contrast of the colors – most images have a deepblack background – pull the spectator into another world. etagen shows images from the last five years.

Solo Show at etagen

August 27 – December 24, 2010
etagen is a project to promote emerging artists by offering them a solo show. The project is sponsored by Loeb and the DC Bank.

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