March 02, 2014


Still Untitled

Laatikkomo can be translated into English as «Box»: it is a large, outdoor, glassed-in, box-frame-GALLERY in Jyväskylä, Finland. This project is inspired by the theory tested by American social psychologist Stanley Milgram that suggests we can all be linked to each other through six people. Laatikkomo visually tests this theory using six linkages of professional photographers.

To initiate this project, we have chosen six photographers from six different continents. Each photographer will show one of their own images for fourteen days, and choose another photographer to follow them in their link-path. This next photographer will also show one image for 14 days, choose her/his sequential photographer, and so on. After the initial six artists, the whole process depends on the coincidence of the choice of each subsequent artist.

Have a look at Laatikkomo’s Homepage and check out all the photographers that are kind of linked together. I was asked by swiss photographer Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup, whose work I admire!

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