February 07, 2013


A Beginning and an End, 2008/2013

MITBRINGSEL brings together artists who have been on a residency in a foreign country. 2008 I spent half a year in Cairo and produced works that are shown at the Stadtgalerie im PROGR for the first time. To meet and work with people who live under a military dictatorship has moved me profoundly and had impact on my work I did in Cairo.

: Salomé Bäumlin / Gigga Hug / Brigitte Lustenberger / Urslé v. Mathilde
 / Performances: Karin Minger / Mik Keusen

Opening: February 7 2013, 6pm

Opening Hours: February 8 to 23 2013
Wednesday to Friday, 2 to 6pm
Saturday Noon to 4pm
Stadtgalerie im PROGR
Waisenhausplatz 30
3001 Bern