27. March 2012

THE NARRATIVE ELEMENT IN PHOTOGRAPHY at the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren in Germany

I am very excited to have four images out of three work groups included in the group shot at the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren in Germany!!

The Narrative Element in Photography

March 31 to July 1, 2012
Opening: March 30 at 7.30pm

The exhibition "The Narrative Element in Photography” examines the power of photography in terms of its proposition and ability in telling a story.

Artists: Nomi Baumgartl, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Olaf Otto Becker, Anna und Bernd Blume, Margaret Bourke-White, Philippe Halsman, Thomas Hoepker, Brigitte Lustenberger, Duane Michals, Eadweard Muybridge, Andreas Rumland, Sebastiao Salgado, Joel Sternfeld, Maggie Taylor, Jerry N. Uelsmann, William Wegman, Jan Wenzel, Michael Wesely, Ann-Christine Woehrl, et al. For more information click this link: http://www.kunsthaus-kaufbeuren.de/aktuell.htm
Opening hours:
Tue-Fr 10am to 5pm
Thu 10am to 8pm
Sa/Su 11am to 5pm

Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren
Spitaltor 2
87600 Kaufbeuren

About the show:
Which artistic strategies will a photographer draw on to tell a story or to emphasize a message? Can this be accomplished by showing a single photograph or a series of images? Do photographers use reality as their point of origin or will they create their own world of images by way of a staged setting?
Is photography really capable of conveying reality when keeping in mind that it samples only brief snippets of said reality and offers an opportunity to manipulate by way of processing? Is there possibly more than one level of reality? And at which point does a photographer blend reality and fiction?
Staged photography for example relies on a movie-like aesthetic and harks back on an associative layering of images as well as units of time. It is only by way of the artistic comparison of photo spreads that enables the emphasis on a given proposition. What is the pace of a narrative and which means of presentation are being employed?
How does a beholder experience a photograph in the light of their personal context, their wealth of knowledge and experience? To what extent does image title or the relation of caption and image matter with regards to comprehending a piece of art?
In exploring these questions we exhibit single photographs, photo spreads or image sequences, which present various narrative angles.