What is Love? - Installation in the ancient cemetery of Monthey, Parc de la Torma

Brigitte Lustenberger installed 40 large-size photographs on the ground of an ancient cemetery that has been turned into a Parc. The out-door installation «What is Love?» plays with the unique history of the Parc de la Torma, posing the questions of what in the intensity of a moment can retain both death and life in the same breath. The artist is using her lens to juxtapose these two processes, these two opposing space-time continuums, decomposition and rebirth.

«With light as her most valuable ally, she depicts beings and silences, atmospheres and scraps of matter – skin, fur, feathers, wood, fruit, flowers and objects on which she seems to bestow a soul, to tell mysterious, whispered stories. She is spectacularly successful at creating an enigmatic universe that incites the spirit to dream. This poetic world, composed of subtle signs, is of an extreme melancholy.»
Julia Hountou

At the invitation of curator and art historian Dr. Julia Hountou, organised by the Department of Culture, Tourism and Twinning and the Department of Infrastructure, Mobility & Environment of the City of Monthey.

The exhibition is open until the end of 2022.
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Parc de la Torma
Route de Morgins
1870 Monthey (VS)
+41 24 475 79 63